Application Note 5

Measurement Techniques for Digital Audio
by Julian Dunn

The Audio Precision Application Note #5: Measurement Techniques for Digital Audio, compiles a wealth of information on evaluation and measurement of any audio device with a converter into a convenient handbook. It includes a companion CD-ROM with tests and procedures that can be run on a SYS-2522A or SYS-2722A instrument.

Julian Dunn is one of the world’s premier designers and consultants in digital audio, and in Measurement Techniques for Digital Audio he focuses on the measurement of digital audio signals and examines in great detail techniques to evaluate the performance of the converters and interface through which the audio passes.

  • Chapter One, “Jitter Theory”, studies the causes and effects of the interface timing variations called jitter with a number of tests designed to characterize this problem.
  • Chapter Two, “Analog-to-Digital Converter Measurements”, looks at key ADC parameters and behavior and includes 15 AP Basic macros to run the necessary tests.
  • Chapter Three, “Digital-to- Analog Converter Measurements”, does the same for DACs. A sidebar looks at dither. Twenty-five macros are included.
  • Chapter Four, “The Digital Interface”, discusses the AES3/IEC60958 digital interface, examining the basic format and the means of characterizing the signal. Sidebars focus on the international standards and on synchronization considerations.

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